Why VivaMás

“En Manos Que Te Cuidan”

We are VivaMás Medical Centers

VivaMás Medical Centers a new concept in the health industry with state-of- the-art medical facilities and the upmost professional medical staff. Integrating our core values at VivaMás Medical Centers has become the company motto for both our employees and the community we serve. The spirit of service and generosity guides us in providing optimal care to our elderly community. Our medical centers were developed with great enthusiasm and attention to detail in an effort to create a unique experience and provide a variety of full comprehensive services at each of our locations. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a true hand holding, service oriented experience for our patients. From the moment they are picked up, to the moment they are dropped off, the hands that care. En manos que te cuidan.

Our Vision

To care for those who cannot care for themselves. To create a sense of community, care and joy in our centers.

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En Manos Que Te Cuidan

Our goal is to create an environment of medical excellence and personal care to our members, while providing a social concept that outlines the company’s mission, “En Manos Que Te Cuidan”.